Abuse Does Not Discriminate

Hello Guys,

I wanted to share with you, something about my main character from my novella Walk Quiet Run Quick.  Valencia Lawson Jarrett came to me as a well put together, professional women. She is an entrepreneur who owns her own fashion boutique, a freelance writer, who writes for a successful magazine, she loves her job, she loves what she does. In addition to her success whilst still in her twenties she is fortunate enough to live on the more prominent side of West London with her live-in boyfriend Liam.

But something happened to Valencia (her friends call her Val btw). She became restless somewhat bored with her relationship with Liam. As much as she loves him, as a result of a promotion, Liam’s new role in his company meant that he worked long hours and struggled to find time for her. The chain of events between Liam and Val led her into the arms of another man. A man who is strikingly handsome, charming and attentive to her needs. He is giving her everything Liam is not. (I’m sure some of us ladies can identify with that & men of course with the need for attention!).

So, I’m not going to say any more than that other than fast forward, Val finds herself being abused. She can’t understand how could she allow herself to end up in such a situation. The thought that “this happens to other people, not someone like me…,” crossed her mind on numerous occasions.

When I read this article Fashion designer to Delevingnes ‘beaten by controlling ex-boyfriend in the Evening Standard it reminded me of Val. Emily Evans Schreiber fashion designer was repeatedly beaten by her controlling boyfriend and was refused contact with her friends.

Successful in her own right Emily owns her own fashion label and is a private consultant to the Delevingnes models. That said, she found herself in an abusive relationship for eight months. Feel free to read the article by Tristan Kirk.

I wrote and described Val as a middle-class successful business woman so that I could let my readers know that Abuse Does Not Discriminate no matter what your professional role is or your status in life it can easily happen to YOU!

Until next time, be brave, courageous, beautiful and your awesome self.

Have a fabulous day. xx