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Walk Quiet Run Quick 





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From the outside, Valencia Lawson Jarrett’s life looks perfect: she has a great job, lives in a posh part of London and has the love of her long-term boyfriend, Liam.

But looks can be deceiving. Beneath the surface, Val’s insecurities begin to eat away at their happiness. Does Liam really love her enough? Why, just once, can’t he prioritise her over his work?

As the cracks begin to show, she finds herself drawn to the charming, strikingly handsome Jac Sealer, a serial entrepreneur, who showers her with all the attention and affection she is looking for.

It seems like a dream – but, as Val finds out to her cost, dreams can quickly become nightmares. Soon she finds herself a prisoner in her own home; physically and emotionally abused by the man who claims to love her. 

Can she find the strength to escape or will her gilded cage be her new reality?

Walk Quiet, Run Quick is a gripping story of passion and survival; of finding the strength to move forward, without looking back.