People Whisperer

Jacqueline is an Author and People Whisperer. She is on a journey to inspire and motivate other to start having conversations with one another. She hopes to encourage others to spend less time on their technical devices and have real conversations with one another.

Jacqueline’s mission is to hold space with those who are struggling with their emotional well being, if it’s  found to be holding them back from moving on in their life. But Jacqueline also wants to encourage others to stop the monologue that they have going on in their heads and have a dialogue.

She wants to share her experience of how she managed to release the emotional shackles that held her back during a melancholy time in her life. Her experience as a contributing author can be found in an anthology called Blind Spot.  Her chapter Green Eyes tells a story of how she managed to release herself from the chain of events that shackled her emotional well being to, finding a place where she was able to stand in her truth and shine her light bright to live a joyful life.

Over the years Jacqueline has befriended friends, family, and strangers and found time to hold space both physically and emotionally for conversation.


In the coming weeks, I will aim to catalogue stories that I have had with strangers, family, and friends, sharing their stories and how, by Holding Space Jacqueline has inspired, encouraged and empowered others to live in their truth, shine their light bright and live life unapologetically.