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Holding Space For Conversation. . .

I had the pleasure of attending a fundraising event hosted by Youth Realities, an organisation founded by Talia Kensit. I met Talia a couple of months as she wanted to talk about my debut novella Walk Quiet Run Quick.

However, our conversation quickly turned to, how she herself experienced the topical issues of abuse illustrated in my book. She sat openly and shared her experiences with me whilst we sat amongst the coffee revellers of Costa,  confused as to why when she was only 15 /16 years old when she reported what was happening to her to Teachers at school about what was happening to her nothing was done. Her escape came when she decided to go off to university. She did not report what had happened to her to the police nor did she seek counselling.

As a result of what happened to her, she decided to set up her own company Youth Realities, to help tackle teenage abusive relationships and put an end to youth domestic violence.

The night was filled with poetry, spoken word, messages through music.


I am a Champion for Domestic Abuse so I was happy to support the fundraising event. I was also invited to promote my book Walk Quiet Run Quick which deals with the topical issue of the event.

During the evening it then came to my attention, when someone mentioned that they thought that Domestic Violence was only physical. This young person was unaware that under the umbrella of abuse were other types of behaviour.

I felt compelled to say a few words to the audience to share with them, other types of abuse that victims can experience. (bearing in mind that I have never ever done public speaking before)

As the evening came to a close a few young people came to have a chat with me, giving me an overview of their own experiences and that of people they know. As I chatted away to a nice young man he introduced to his friend. The young lady congratulated me on my message. I thanked her for her kind words. At that point, while the air was buzzing with the chatter and excitement, the young millennial shared her story of abuse by her boyfriend who was older than her to me. My millennial lived with her grandmother having left her mothers home because she was not believed when she was told what was happening to her. My young millennial told me that at that time she did not have anyone to talk to. I was so pleased that I was able to HOLD SPACE for her in that moment.

My millennial told me that at that time she didn’t have anyone to talk to about what had happened to her. I was so pleased that I was able to HOLD SPACE for a conversation with her so she could share her story with me.

So, the day after the event I received a message via Instagram which came as a complete surprise to me from my millennial. I want to share that message here with you.



This message truly pulled on my heartstrings. I say this because it was not my intention to speak that night. I was at that event in a supportive role and as a Champion of DV. I don’t know why I felt compelled to take the mic that night but clearly, the universe knew I had a message for someone in that room and I’m glad that it was received.

So, if you have something to say and no-one to have a conversation with, on a topic you have been:

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