I wrote this book to salute those brave women I met back in 2014, for being courageous enough to flee abusive relationships. My role was to provide emotional support and to be a friend to talk to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a counsellor, my role was to simply listen to how these women were feeling within themselves,  addressing any needs or concerns they may have had.

A simple task of listening can be hugely beneficial to someone’s well-being.  Sharing your feelings allows you to start rebuilding your life.

We must take note that after fleeing an abusive relationship, there is still the emotional baggage that they were still walking around with and trying to deal with as they tried to integrate back into society, such as; not being able to sleep or eat, depression, problems concentrating, the feeling of nervousness, worry, anxiety, lack of self-confidence and self-worth, mental illness, just to name a few.

I also wrote Walk Quiet Run Quick to continue to promote awareness about domestic violence and how prevalent it continues to be in our society.

I hope Walk Quiet Run Quick will help those who are in or think they might be in an abusive relationship, to look out for those red flags and know that if someone abuses YOU or treats YOU without the respect you deserve, they will continue to do so if you stay. I know that one day the penny will drop, and you will find the strength to leave your situation and start to rebuild your life.

The experience of writing my debut novella has been phenomenal. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the support I received from my self-publishing company Type&Tell has been fantastic.

Type&Tell were available to answer any questions posed and the responses were timely.

So once again thank you Type&Tell for supporting me, while I continue to promote awareness about domestic abuse using another platform.


My book highlights issues domestic abuse. I wanted to illustrated a list of abuse to look out for whilst when you are in a relationship. But I must also point out that you don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to be abused. Abuse can happen within your family or even in the workforce.

Here is a list of abuse, this list is not exhaustive.

There are several types of abuse:

I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady called Talia. We met when she reached out to me via Twitter to talk about my debut novella Walk Quiet Run Quick a contemporary romance. But I was also interested in learning more about her company, YouthRealities. An educating and empowering youth organisation tackling teenage abusive relationships.

We sat comfortably in the far corner of Costa, as we discussed the storyline of my book, surrounded by the chatter of friends, mothers with their babies and workmen on lunch coated with the sound of the barista preparing coffee in the background.

There were certain scenes that resonated with Talia, as we discussed the book such as the physical and emotional abuse. One example in Walk Quiet Run Quick, Jac uses emotional blackmail against Val when she gets ready to attend an important meeting that she has been working on for months with some important clients. Jac doesn’t want her to go and feigns being sick so she can stay at home to look after him. When she objects, he accuses her of not loving him but loving her job more and tells her that she is selfish and only thinks of herself. Feeling guilty Val decides not to go and phones in sick herself to stay home to look after him. Val does not recognise that he is controlling her.

Because we are so in love with our partners we are blinded by how they treat us or what they say to us. Hence the saying, Love is Blind.

If you feel unhappy in your relationship, your friendships, or your family unit and you find that you are experiencing similar issues like that of Val, then as a People Whisperer, I will Hold Space for a conversation with you. Or perhaps you would like to have chat with me about something that maybe important to you. Then why not contact me.

Until next time. Have a great day!


If you or anyone you know is being abused, please get in contact with organisations who are able to help you.



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